We help companies that are making employees redundant or supporting those through retirement by offering a simple-to-use online portal that works as a complement to your existing outplacement service or as a standalone solution.
Transition Peak helps companies with staff going through career transition in either of the following areas: redundancies and restructuringretirement. Based on individual needs and budget constraints we work using the following resources: online training in the form of documents, checklists and videos, 1-1 and group coaching and workshops.

Below is a quick glance at some of the benefits and features of using our online redundancy and retirement programs.

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image of Linda Ghusayni and Charlotte Billington, founders of Transition Peak

Learn more about how we met, why we decided to start Transition Peak and our ambitions for the future in ‘our story‘.

Linda Ghusayni

Finance and business specialist, MBA

Linda has over 15 years’ experience in banking and finance. She started her career with Citi whilst still at university studying for her MBA. She was later transferred to their London office in Canary Wharf, where she assisted with restructuring the financial systems of the bank globally.  After staying with the bank for over eight years, she decided to move on to a role with Expedia, where she was the Senior Analyst of Expedia’s financial telecommunication department. She is passionate about moving people forward and simplifying the complex.

Charlotte Billington

Executive Career Coach, B.A. (Hons) ACC (accredited by the ICF)

Charlotte has over twenty years’ experience working within career transition. Her experience includes career coaching, HR consulting, recruitment and coaching. Prior to setting up on her own eight years ago, she worked for Victoria Wall Associates, dealing with a range of clients in all industry areas, from large investment banks and finance houses through to creative clients which included some of the best-known companies in London.