Transition Peak is an online career resource that offers online training support at the time of transition or redundancy.

Transition Peak material is put together based on over 35 years of combined experience in Recruiting, HR Consulting, Executive Coaching, Business Management and Finance.

We believe that when people are on the correct career path, they are capable of great things.

We are here to make that possible.


After completing Charlie’s book “What to do next” and over a coaching session, we realized that we have similar values yet different skill-sets that are key to creating a business. Having encountered so many individuals with great potential but don’t know where to start following a career break or redundancy, we felt the need to bring back these people to the workplace. One way of attaining this is by offering clear and structured advice without breaking the bank! Everyone aspires to be the best they can be. We believe that this can be achieved with direction and support. Our idea went through several stages and it took time to see the light. Luckily we had amazing support from our network, family and friends. Our passion will continue to be helping others in their work journey as best as we can!


image of Linda Ghusayni and Charlotte Billington, founders of Transition Peak

Linda Ghusayni

Finance and business specialist, MBA

I have over 15 years of experience in banking and finance.

I started my career with Citigroup while still at university studying for my MBA. I was exposed to several aspects of the banking industry including treasury, operations, credit and finance. I was later transferred to the London office in Canary Wharf to assist with restructuring the financial systems of the bank globally.

After staying with the bank for over 8 years, I decided to move on to a role with Expedia . I helped start their financial telecommunication department, with the aim of saving cost for the company.

Charlotte Billington

Executive Career Coach, B.A. (Hons), ACC

I am London based and have a background in recruitment, HR consulting and coaching.

I have 20 + years’ experience providing career transition support.

My corporate background involved dealing with a range of clients in all industry areas. Clients ranged from large investment banks and private equity through to creative clients. These included some of the best-known companies in London.