Be ready for redundancy or restructuring following Brexit – By Charlotte Billington – Career Transition Coach

Be ready should redundancy, restructuring or Brexit result in you losing your job:

There seems to be some uncertainty out there at the moment and because of this I thought it might be helpful to offer some advice and tips on some preparatory work that you could do to ensure you are ready should you be faced with redundancy.

Like most things being prepared and in control seems to soften the shock and panic that could set in if news is given to you out of the blue without any previous thought.

From the many people that I have seen in a redundancy situation the overall opinion has been

  • I wish I had thought about this before.
  • I wish I had taken time to enjoy myself, relax, and calmly plan my next move.

In reality panic, fear, anxiety and worry are the principal emotions – where do I start? What do I do? How do I go about things? Help?

To ensure you are as ready as you can be if it happens, that you have all your ‘ducks in a row’ why not do all the preparatory work before anything happens. An insurance safety net as it were so that you are ready ahead of the curve and more in control should it ever happen.

Here are a few areas which I think are worth focusing on …….

Do some self-analysis.

Take the time to evaluate your career to date for clues, work out your strengths, motivators, values and be very clear on what you are suited to and interested in moving forward. Arm yourself with this knowledge – this is best achieved with a calm level head. Often I see clients who have never – (ever) taken the time or had the opportunity to do this. This will be your blueprint to compare job specs to.

Get your CV ready and looking good.

Dust off that old CV and start to update it and improve it. This is your marketing material. Have it ready.

Update your LinkedIn profile.

What does yours look like? Is it fully filled out? Do you have testimonials and endorsements? Improving your LinkedIn can assist with attracting business and clients so having it looking good may assist you now. Have your LinkedIn looking brilliant. If you prefer you can ensure that updates are not seen by your current employer through changing the privacy settings.

Read and research.

Once you are clear on the areas you might be interested in do some exploratory reading and research – look at the bios of people who have made that move. Keep abreast with the news and market. Equally keep up to date with your current industry and market as it may be that you remain in that field. You could even quietly look at a few job descriptions.

Improve your network

How good is your network? Keep in touch and connected to those people that may be helpful when you need them. Build relationships.

Identify the Recruitment Agencies and Head Hunters

Identify the right Recruitment Agencies and Head Hunters that could potentially be helpful in a situation where you need them. What agencies are your company currently using? Which recruiters to recruit their staff? Keep an eye on them and whether they may be useful should you need them.

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Charlotte Billington, Career Transition Coach and Co-Founder of Transition Peak
Charlotte BillingtonCareer Transition Coach and Co-Founder of Transition Peak
Charlotte Billington is a career coach who helps individuals at a crossroads. She has recently written a practical exercise book “What to do Next?”, available on Our Modules, that can assist and guide you through the process of changing jobs, understanding and maximising your own potential.