How to Support Your Staff Through Redundancy – by Charlie Billington, Career Transition Coach

A difficult but necessary decision has been made – good, loyal and dedicated people will have to depart your organisation. How can you help them with this transition challenge whilst keeping costs low? In this quick read, we share eight steps for supporting staff through redundancy. At the end, request our complimentary sample of our career transition program for a preview of the full package we offer.

Letting people go is never easy. Being made redundant is often a challenging time but if the correct advice, support and assistance is provided, and a process is worked through by those leaving, it can also be viewed as an opportunity.

Having coached many people in this situation, here are some areas that I believe need attention, time and focus for a smooth transition, and how you may be able to help.

Don’t Rush

Can you offer some extra time? Time to reflect, analyse and think through what they are suited to and what they would really like to be doing next. It is important for people to take their time rather than rush into the next thing without thought and reflection. It is ideal if someone can go from one job whilst still employed in another – can you offer this?

Keep Positive

Redundancy is a very common occurrence in our changing economy. Reiterating this and asking them to de-personalise it, keep positive, have a plan and to look after themselves is important. Can you offer some coaching?

Put the Work In

Updating a CV and LinkedIn profile then searching for a job takes time. The more effort someone puts into this, the more focussed and ultimately more successful their career transition will be. Can you allow time for this and provide some feedback, for example on their CV or LinkedIn profile, or time to talk things through with you?

Use Your Network

It has been documented that a high percentage of people get their next job through their network – can you assist with any introductions, for example introductions to agencies, your contacts, clients, competitors.

Build Experience

Are you able to offer any freelance work or project work in different departments while they are looking? If possible, this will add to the experience they have in their next chosen field, while limiting CV gaps.

Improving Social Media Profile

Can you assist with endorsements or recommendations on LinkedIn? Are you able to provide a reference or act as their referee contact? Can you connect with them on LinkedIn to provide them with a wider network?

Look for clues

Are there any insights that you have had with regards to their work? What you have observed them being very good at? Can you take out old appraisals and provide some feedback that they can use moving forward?

Mentoring Opportunities

Can you or someone within the company provide some mentoring sessions that they have access to should they need it?

It may be that redundancy comes as a result of financial pressure, restructuring or poor employee performance. Whatever the reason, we have a corporate social responsibility towards supporting staff through redundancy.

If you would like more guidance and resources to use at your firm while avoiding expensive outplacement costs, why not have a look on line at our online offering.

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Charlotte Billington - Career Transition Coach
Charlotte BillingtonCareer Transition Coach and Co-Founder of Transition Peak
Charlotte Billington is a career coach who helps individuals at a crossroads. She has recently written a practical exercise book “What to do Next?”, available on Our Modules, that can assist and guide you through the process of changing jobs, understanding and maximising your own potential.