HR trends during COVID-19: An Interview With Charlotte Billington

Charlotte Billington hr trends during covid-19

As the COVID-19 creates unprecedented challenges for so many organisations, the HR community has been forced to adapt and respond. We’ve had several thought-provoking conversations with our clients in the past few weeks that reflect some of the changes that HR teams are experiencing. In this interview with our co-founder Charlotte Billington, we explore the latest HR trends during COVID-19.

What’s been happening in Transition Peak’s world in the last few weeks?

We have seen some projects and assignments put on hold, in particularly the face to face workshops. We have seen some continuation of clients being coached remotely. There has been some deferring of projects to a later date, particularly those that involve travel. Although we have been using Zoom for a long time now we have seen a big increase in clients using this platform, taking advantage of their business accounts where you can conduct training and meetings with lots of individuals.

What feedback have you had from clients on how you can help their employees?

At the moment, online support for retirement and redundancy seems to be the two main areas where we can support employees. With so much uncertainty and disruption in the market, there will inevitably be earlier retirements and both voluntary and involuntary redundancies. These are areas that we can help with immediately as all our support; documents, checklist and videos are already online.

What are you offering to those most in need?

At the moment, we are focussing on our online career transition support. This is something we can help with straightaway and where clients have an immediate need. We are also offering one free log in to companies and very competitive prices, as we genuinely want to help people through these tricky times in the best way possible. We know that our modules really work, so if we can help people through these challenging times, that will make us incredibly happy.

How do you see Transition Peak’s offering having the biggest impact?

At the moment, it is getting the support direct to people, where they are, as quickly as possible. Helping those departing staff and those retiring to work out what is next for them and supporting them following on from that on how they can go about achieving that.

How are you managing at home?

It’s a juggle. I am currently writing this very early in the morning before anyone is awake! I’m trying to carve out time where I can and I’m getting some amazing assistance from my colleagues and our marketing team. We are all pulling together and focussing on what we can do now – what will make the biggest impact and fast!

How are you supporting clients through these HR trends during COVID-19?

We have had feedback that we are saving them time. We had an interesting meeting with a senior HR professional at a large bank recently who told us that he sees Transition Peak’s online support as a supplement to outplacement services. Those questions that individuals come to him about – ‘what can I do next’, ‘can you connect me to your network’ etc. What we can offer is an answer to some of those questions through effective, straight-to-the-point guides and videos that have a clear beginning, middle and end. What HR can give to their employees now is a process and a plan that they can follow independently at a pace that suits them. That’s where we can all make a difference right now.

If your organisation is preparing to make staff redundant, or you have employees getting ready to retire, get in touch for a confidential discussion about your needs.