Transition Peak’s Charlotte Billington shares her passions for outplacement, as well as her thoughts on where the industry is heading.

Charlotte Billington hr trends during covid-19
  • What is your speciality/passion?

I am an ICF accredited Career Coach and specialise in career transition. I have spent the last twenty years providing career coaching and outplacement support at all levels – from CEO to graduate level. 

I am passionate about people achieving their potential and working in a position that provides them with fulfilment and work satisfaction. My overall purpose is to help and inspire people to be the best that they can be at work. 

  • What service do you offer at Transition Peak?

I provide Career Coaching and outplacement support to our clients and as the Co-Founder, I work on every aspect of the business from sales and marketing, through to strategy and admin. When we first started it really was everything but as things have developed we have been able to delegate some tasks to others. I have also put every single part of my knowledge, tips and experience into the online career coaching Transition Peak modules. 

  • What do clients say about you?

That I am honest and genuine. Honesty is one of my key values and I think and hope that comes across in all of the work that I do. That I am supportive and have people’s back. That I am knowledgeable with regards to Career Transition. That I don’t use unnecessary jargon.  Just looking at my Linkedin recommendations from previous clients who I have worked with -  also professional, personable, insightful, practical, logical and positive. 

  • Can you let us know what you are noticing in the market or finding interesting?

Sure, well where do I start as I write this during a pandemic! Working from home has opened up so many areas and discussions around flexible and home working. I do think that coming out of the pandemic our working patterns will change. Things are moving so quickly but I am currently seeing more internal executive coaching and internal job movement within companies. We are also seeing a great need to support the younger generation which we are doing more and more work on.  Helping those younger professional graduates in their first second or third job with career guidance and outplacement support. 

  • What are your career highlights?

I have to say starting and successfully launching and running Transition Peak has to be one of my career highlights. We have worked so hard to establish and develop the company and I am really proud of the service and programmes that we have created. Working with Linda has been fantastic and we have also built such a great team of experienced coaches and experts. Other than that, writing my book ‘What To Do Next’, which has been updated and is now one of our online modules – the feedback and reviews on that make all the hard work and hours writing it worth it! 

  • What is something not many people know about you?

I swam butterfly trials for my county! I used to swim regularly when I was younger and still love it. I am also strangely very good at finding things…

  • What is the best advice you have received?

If it is too good to be true it probably is! 

  • What book/s have you read that really helped you?

'The Luck Factor' by Richard Wisemann, and 'Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway' by Susan Jeffers. 

  • Please let us know your top career transition tip.

The secret I think to a successful transition is to do some self-analysis work first! Spend time on this. 

About the Author

Charlotte Billington, Career Transition Coach and Co-Founder of Transition Peak
Charlotte BillingtonExecutive Career Coach
Charlotte has over twenty years’ experience working within career transition. Her experience includes career coaching, HR consulting, recruitment and coaching.