Meet Career Coach Karina Barnes

In the latest instalment of our ‘Questions for the Coach’ series, we speak to career coach Karina Barnes, who Transition Peak have recently partnered with to offer bespoke online workshops for companies supporting employees through career transition.

Karina Barnes resilience workshop

1. What is your passion?
I’ve been fortunate to find something I love in coaching and training. I help people to develop through corporate coaching and training and also work with people to progress their careers to the next level or make career transitions.

2. How did you come to work with Transition Peak?
I worked with Charlotte in my first job after graduating and we have stayed in touch since. She and Linda have built something truly different in Transition Peak and I’m delighted to offer coaching services to their clients. I mainly work with Transition Peak clients on career transitions and interview preparation.

3. What do clients say about you?
I think the most regular feedback I receive is that I have helped them make a real difference in their lives. That could be a significant shift in their personal impact and effectiveness at work or in finding clarity about a way forward in a career transition.

4. Can you let us know what you are noticing in the market at the moment?
Answering this during lockdown, the biggest change is likely to be the rise in home working and how that affects what jobs will look like in the longer-term. What sort of choice will people have in how they work – home / office balance – and how to approach job hunting and interviewing in a virtual world.

5. What are your career highlights or achievements?
Setting up my own company doing something I’m passionate about. Without a doubt that’s both the greatest highlight and achievement!

6. What is something not many people know about you?
Wow, that’s a tricky one. A long time ago I drove a Land Rover from India to the UK with some challenges and adventures on the way. And I love goat’s cheese!

7. What is the best advice you have received?
Know your value. It is true for so many settings – running your own business, what you bring to a company and to your friends. Have confidence and self-belief in what you can offer and its value.

8. What book have you read that really helped you?
The book that has stuck with me the most is not a self-help style book but one I read as a child called The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. Among many things it shows how the way you experience any event depends on your perspective which will be different from someone else’s perspective. An early lesson in personality and human psychology!

9. Please let us know your top career transition tip.
There are so many facets to the career transition journey that it’s difficult to know where to start. Probably the most important step is the first one and that’s knowing who you really are – your values and what motivates you. Without this knowledge, it’s difficult to take steps towards the career transition you really want. Once you’ve nailed that, summon up every ounce of resilience and all forms of support you have around you to make it happen!

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