Module 2 – What To Do Next?

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About the module

If you are wanting to make a career change, but unsure what to do next, self-analysis aims to help with personal insight, ideas and direction to put you on the right path.

Our belief is that everyone is capable of great success, when on the correct career path. This module starts by looking at your goals and work through your career to date, followed by your purpose, values, strengths and interests.

What will you achieve from this module?

  • You will identify your unique individual strengths, skills and motivators.
  • Helps you focus on where you want to be.
  • Step-by-step process that you can complete at your leisure.

What is included in this module?

  • 1 checklist
  • 1 Document
  • 3-6 minute video tutorial
  • Straight to the point information
Module-2-Self Analysis

Module 2
What to do Next?

Updated version of Charlie Billington’s book “What to do next?”

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Module 2 – What To Do Next?

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What do you get?

Updated version of Charlie Billington’s book
“What to do next?”

Who are the authors?

Transition Peak is an online training and coaching portal developed by Charlotte (Charlie) Billington and Linda Ghusayni. Charlie has over 20 years of career coaching experience. She is a certified career coach with the ICF and has coached individuals transitioning through jobs, looking for career change, or looking to continue their professional life beyond retirement. Linda has an MBA and has worked in the Telecommunications world with Expedia and has spent most of her career working for Citigroup in various Financial roles.

About the company

Transition Peak Limited™ is an online career coaching and training portal that helps companies and individuals move forward and faster following redundancy, retirement or return. Our online programs provide access to tutorials, documents and checklists. We also connect individuals with some of the best career transition coaches and experts in the UK. The coaches and experts can provide career transition workshops, group or one-to-one coaching. Find out more on

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