Module 6 – Enhance Your Career Transition

High level overview to transition successfully

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About the module

To transition successfully, you need to be clear on what role you are looking for and research what is needed. You can then bring it all together to enhance your transition.

The module is an overview on how to make yourself more visible, different methods to finding a job, how to enhance your skills, how to use all the tools available and how to get yourself out there in front of the right people.

What will you achieve from this module?

  • Set a clear goal and look to see what is needed.
  • Make the most out of your network and relationships.
  • How to use LinkedIn effectively, recruitment agencies, job websites and social and traditional media.
  • Who and what to research.
  • Further training, courses and experience.
  • Broad overview of preparing your CV, cover letter and interview.
  • How to present yourself with confidence.

What is included in this module?

  • 1 checklist
  • 1 Document
  • 3-6 minute video tutorial
  • Straight to the point information
Module 6 - Enhance your Career Transition

Module 6
Enhance Your Career Transition
High level overview to transition successfully


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Module 6 – Enhance Your Career Transition

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What do you get?

Make the most out of your network and relationships,
How to present yourself with confidence & more

Who are the authors?

Transition Peak is an online training and coaching portal developed by Charlotte (Charlie) Billington and Linda Ghusayni. Charlie has over 20 years of career coaching experience. She is a certified career coach with the ICF and has coached individuals transitioning through jobs, looking for career change, or looking to continue their professional life beyond retirement. Linda has an MBA and has worked in the Telecommunications world with Expedia and has spent most of her career working for Citigroup in various Financial roles.

About the company

Transition Peak Limited™ is an online career coaching and training portal that helps companies and individuals move forward and faster following redundancy, retirement or return. Our online programs provide access to tutorials, documents and checklists. We also connect individuals with some of the best career transition coaches and experts in the UK. The coaches and experts can provide career transition workshops, group or one-to-one coaching. Find out more on

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