Mum, What Job would make you happy? By Charlotte Billington – Career Transition Coach

This is a question that one of my client’s little boys asked her and it is one that has stayed with me since then. What job will make you happy?  

I love the innocence of children and the questions that they sometimes ask. Sometimes life is so busy that we don’t focus on the most important things. 

As we know, life changes completely after children – you change, your circumstances change, what will work logistically, emotionally and what will motivate and satisfy your work needs may change too. 

With all this change, in my experience this is an excellent opportunity to review. 

So how can you ensure that you can answer this question, what job would make you happy?

  1. First before any of the practical work (LinkedIn, CV, Interview training etc.) can be done you need to be clear on what you want and what you are suited to. For this I would recommend doing some self-analysis work. This can be time to reflect and focus on you. People often tell me that they have never (ever) had the opportunity to do this. This is your opportunity. Being clear, self-aware and to know your strengths, your values, information and insights from your career to date I think is imperative. 

For a flexible, practical solution to being unclear visit and head towards their self-analysis module, available for £20. 

Here are a couple among many testimonials from Mums who have completed the self-analysis.

“This is extremely useful and informative. As a mother contemplating returning to work I found the exercises invaluable as they were practical, didn’t take too long to complete and were a great way of consolidating my thoughts and ideas. I now have a much clearer view of what I want to do next.”

“If you’re considering a change in career direction I would highly recommend reading Self Analysis – ‘what to do next’ as your first step. The holistic / 360 approach covers all areas that need to be considered when working through your decision in an easily digestible (and jargon free) format. The exercises are simple yet thought provoking and really helped me to gain insight into what makes me tick and ultimately which direction I wanted to move my career in.”

  1. Once the self-analysis work has been done this is the time to reflect and do your research. Research the industry, the market, the jobs you are interested in. Speak to people that you know, or your friends know, who are in the industry. Network, look at people’s LinkedIn profiles to see how they have progressed in their field. Buy industry magasines, attend conferences. Could now be a time to do a course that has been recommended or refresh your skills?  

Before we can answer this question ‘Mum, what job will make you happy?’ We need to know ourselves and this is the very first step. On line – so you can complete at your own leisure wherever you want, this good value module might just need to be on your Christmas wish list….. 

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About the Author

Charlotte Billington, Career Transition Coach and Co-Founder of Transition Peak
Charlotte BillingtonCareer Transition Coach and Co-Founder of Transition Peak
Charlotte Billington is a career coach who helps individuals at a crossroads. She has recently written a practical exercise book “What to do Next?”, available on Our Modules, that can assist and guide you through the process of changing jobs, understanding and maximising your own potential.