Cost effective and efficient redundancy support for your departing employees

Transition Peak offers an online career transition program to companies who are making employees redundant and want to support their progression to their next role. Our Transition Program has a range of modules that each contain detailed documents and videos to help and assist you or your staff with their career transition. Each module offers a combination of advice, recommendations, and guidance within clear and detailed documents and videos.

Our programs are also available to individuals who are looking for redundancy support and advice, or who are planning to return to work after an extended period of leave, such as parental leave, or sick leave.

Redundancy support

If your business is in a position where job losses are inevitable, supporting those employees is critical. Finding a new role in a period of uncertainty will be challenging, and those employees may come to you for advice about their next role, leveraging their network, or updating their CV. This can be time consuming and it may be hard to offer a consistent and robust response for everyone.

Transition Peak offers online career transition modules which can be accessed immediately by your employees facing redundancy. The off-the-shelf package includes step-by-step guides and videos to take them from start (a self-analysis programme) to finish (interviewing). Many businesses have found these modules complement their existing outplacement support, while for others they’re a comprehensive standalone solution.

If you would like to trial the Transition Program for your firm, please get in touch to arrange a consultation and to access your free pass.

For our program tailored to people considering or preparing for retirement, see our Retirement Program.

Comprehensive Transition Program

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Module-1- Spring Forward Emotionally

Module 1

Spring Forward Emotionally

Be emotionally and mentally ready for transition.

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Module-2-Self Analysis

Module 2

What To Do Next?

Recently updated version of C. Billington’s book “What to do next?”

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Module 3 - CV Advice, make your CV stand out

Module 3

CV Advice

Making your CV/ Resume stand out.

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Module-4-Cover Letter

Module 4

Cover Letter

Preparing for the best cover letter

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Module 5 - LinkedIn

Module 5


Get noticed through Linkedin


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Module 6 - Enhance your Career Transition

Module 6

Enhance your Career Transition

High level overview to transition successfully

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Module 7


Using your network to your advantage

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Module 8 Interviewing

Module 8


Stand out on interview

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Transition Plan Bundle

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Comprehensive Modules Program


Single Module Package

Transition Peak Suggested Career Plan