Our Story

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When our founders Linda and Charlie met, little did they know that within months they would give up their jobs to embark on a journey that would see them launch an online company. Discover our story and why we chose to launch Transition Peak.

Starting up

Our story began at a climbing centre in Chelsea, although we were not the ones climbing! While killing time and watching our boys climb from one wall to the next, Charlie and I soon found ourselves talking about all sorts of things, including kids, work, business ideas and our passions. It was clear we had a lot in common.

At that time, I had a full-time job, two kids and I was pregnant with the third. I was exhausted and just passively zooming through the days. Charlie suggested we have a coaching session to clear my thoughts. She suggested I complete her exercise book “What to do next“, a small workbook that helps you work out your strengths, skills, and passions. While discussing my answers, we quickly realised that we have similar values around helping other people, yet our skill sets were different. My background is business development and IT, whereas Charlie is an executive coach with a recruitment and coaching background. I think this was the start of our realisation that we could work together. Aside from the fact that our kids were best friends, what really clicked for us was having the same mindset and values.

A week later, we decided to give up our jobs and focus on building something around genuinely helping others in the most effective way.


Charlie and I brainstormed and came up with different ideas, most of which revolved around helping others. An issue that really stood out for us was redundancies. From our research, we discovered that the current market is saturated with expensive outplacement products – support services designed to help former employees transition to new jobs. We thought of creating a service that really worked, and was efficient to use, but that would be more cost effective and accessible to firms of all sizes. We created a business plan around the idea of an online portal in which individuals find all the relevant information they need in one place, without having to book appointments, schedule calls, or flick through a myriad of online courses.

The idea

Based on Charlie’s experience with transition coaching, we decided to focus on eight key areas that would get individuals prepared for the next job. These began with addressing people’s emotional wellbeing and enabling their self-analysis, ending with networking and interviewing. We spent time on perfecting the documents; we hired a professional video company to film us and prepare the modules, we even got a lawyer (Charlie’s friend in Australia) to proofread and edit our documents and checklists. The program was named Transition Program.

We also decided to bring in the human element to our product. We managed to team up with a few of the leading coaches and experts in the UK, who were ready to offer additional support where required.

The website was launched in November last year, and I remember that day very well. Charlie and I went to café in Parsons Green. We sat down had lunch and both felt emotional for completing something we were both passionate about. I think we were proud of ourselves at the time; we had used our own savings to build something that was ours. It felt good. We thought our work was done.

The struggle … and then the light

The program was online, and we were expecting clients to purchase our lovingly-crafted product. We had read about those overnight success companies and thought we could do the same.

But nothing happened for over two months. Our product was there but no one was using it. We started wondering what we had done wrong. So, we went back to the drawing board. We were in that transition phase. What we needed was the networking to give us that first push to getting more business. We had a meeting with a large accountancy firm who were interested in our product, but for their retiring partners, rather than people departing through redundancy. We wanted our project to work, so we toiled day and night for weeks to create a whole new section on our website for retirees. We presented our new proposal to the directors and they loved it. We signed the first deal!

Now what?

Since then, other companies have started enquiring and signing up. Business has been good, but we still need to push and work hard, especially in this new unprecedented environment.

We can see a very clear need for our support amid the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. We have plans to expand our customer base and to increase our modules with the help of the coaches and experts on our website. More importantly, we plan to continue to face our fears and take it one step at a time.

Learn more about Linda and Charlie and the service Transition Peak can offer your organisation in ‘about us‘.