An outplacement alternative: Time to think differently

outplacement alternative man using transition peak

While business owners are working as hard as they can to retain staff through this difficult period, the reality is that many will have to make redundancies. With finances strained to their limits and people forced to work remotely, supporting staff who are leaving the company has become extremely challenging. Is it time we think differently about traditional outplacement and find an alternative?

What is outplacement?

Traditional outplacement providers usually offer a wide range of support services that can include job search support, search databases, specialist career coaching support, training, workshops, CV writing and Linkedin clinics, well-being support and more. The more expensive packages can provide one to one support for eight months or more. Undoubtedly, this is a wonderful benefit, but it comes at a price not many firms can afford right now. Not only is it expensive, outplacement can also involve a lengthy process to set-up – a delay best avoided in the current climate.

How is Transition Peak different?

Transition Peak does not offer traditional outplacement support. Our programmes can supplement what we’ve described above, but in many instances, we are an alternative.

What we can offer is immediate online career assistance for your departing employees which is good value, effective and straight-to-the-point. Our programmes will allow your employees to focus and progress swiftly through a step-by-step plan. All our documents, videos and checklists have been designed by career coaching experts, and contain tips, advice and information that we know works.

Take a look at some of the key differences:

outplacement alternative key differences

Transition Peak is an alternative to outplacement. Here are the key differences between our service and traditional outplacement

Right now, our services are popular because we are different. We can help your staff today. For a limited period, we are offering all companies one free user pass to access the Transition Peak modules. Our pricing for multiple users is competitive, and we would be happy to discuss bespoke packages for your business so that you can offer the support your employees need at this difficult time. For a confidential call about your business needs, or to register for your free user pass, please get in touch.