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Retirement marks the end of your career at your current company. However, it is very common these days for individuals to continue working in some capacity beyond this point.
Many retirees may wish to continue working full-time, part-time, on a voluntary basis, for charities or as non-executive directors.

Our aim is for your retirement to be satisfying, enjoyable and rewarding. Our  modules will assist you to be clearer on what it is you would like to do next, provide a process and a plan, and ensure that you market yourself well.

If you would like to trial the Retirement Program for your firm, please get in touch to arrange a free consultation.

For our program tailored to people considering or preparing for career transition , see our Transition Program.

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Career Transition package for retirees

Transition Peak Retiree Plan

Retiree Modules

Full access to all nine retiree modules and resources displayed on this page.

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Retiree module 1

Module 1

Spring Forward Emotionally

This module will help you both emotionally and mentally be ready for retirement.

Retirees Module 2

Module 2

Self Analysis

This module is essential in helping you work out what you are suited to and will enjoy doing during retirement.

CV advice for retirement

Module 3

CV Advice

Ensure your CV/ Resume stands out against other candidates.

Retirees Module 4

Module 4

Cover Letter

Prepare your cover letter and ensure that you are not rejected at this important stage.

LinkedIn for Retirees

Module 5


Prepare and complete an impressive LinkedIn profile, ensuring that you are noticed by potential employers.

Enhance your Career Transition

Module 6

Enhance your Career Transition

High level overview and additional advice to transition successfully.

Retirees Module 7

Module 7


Use your network to your advantage before, during and after retirement.

Interviewing for retirees

Module 8


Make sure that you are completely prepared for future interviews, know what to expect and stand out on interview.

Non executive Roles

Module 9

Non-executive director roles

Increase your chances of success with NED applications.

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Retiree Plan Bundles

Obtain Retiree Plan Bundles for multiple users.

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