The importance of self-analysis for your departing employees

self-analysis redundancy retirement

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many employers to make tough decisions, and none can be harder than making people redundant. In such challenging times, and with the added complication of social distancing, how can self-analysis help your employees navigate what is going to be next for them?

Throughout my twenty years as a professional career coach, the very first step for all the clients I have coached is self-analysis. As individuals, we rarely get the opportunity, if ever, to focus on this critical first move. Spending independent time on this will be the key to all the other parts of the jigsaw that follow.

So, what is self-analysis? This is a deep, independent exploration into you – your career to date – your strengths, your goals, values and more. Whether your employee is a recent graduate or a senior leader, taking the steps to understand their strengths and motivations will be key to success in the next step of their career.

Usually done over time within career coaching sessions, this can now be done independently online through practical exercises. As many people find themselves at home with a little more time, this is the perfect opportunity to enable those that are inevitably going to move to reflect and prepare themselves for a move that is suited to them and will provide work satisfaction.

If there is just one area of help that you can give those retiring early or being made redundant, this is the one that will have the biggest impact.

Learn more about ‘What To Do Next’, the easy-to-use self-analysis guide offered by Transition Peak.

“I found this a practical, easy to use self-directed tool — as relevant for young professionals seeking career guidance as for high-flying professionals seeking a more meaningful career re-focus. From my own work in a global company, I see other applications for staff restructuring and out-placement. It would also be useful for retirees considering their post-career stage of life. The book is simply worded, without the excessive jargon that too often accompanies such books.” – a Transition Peak client.

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