What our clients say about us

Helping those moving on to new jobs

“Charlie and Linda have come up with a great idea, offering advice and great content to those who are thinking of leaving organisations after a number of years, whether voluntarily, through redundancy or semi-retirement, or offering that advice and content to those organisations to then pass on to their employees. The system is set up to offer an assortment of modules which cover all sorts of skills from improving one’s CV, to mastering Interview Techniques. The good thing is that you can purchase a single module or the whole “box set” if you wish, it’s up to you.”
Alexander - Reaper - website design, digital and IT solutions

Highly recommended resource

” I would highly recommend Transition Peak, whether you have been made redundant or are considering a career change. There are 8 different modules covering different areas of career transition and you can get these as a whole package or individually. The Self Analysis module was invaluable to me when considering whether to carry on on the same career path and the LinkedIn module helped me greatly in setting up my profile and educating me as to its importance.”

Victoria - Lawyer

Accessible and highly informative

” The modules provided by this course were both accessible and highly informative, and extremely helpful in aiding my personal branding. I feel much more confident as a candidate as a result.”

Harry - New Graduate

A great career resource!

“After 10 years of taking a break from work, Transition Peak was motivating, thought-provoking & gave me more confidence in my professional abilities. It made me realise I could do this! The online program was a practical step-by-step guide, which was clear, flexible, gave me focus and brought me up-do-date. Now to find a job…”
Julia - Marketing and PR

Easy to use platform

“An easy-to-use platform with straightforward advice on how to make a career move. Great for anyone returning to work after having children.”

Faye - Digital Marketing

When it’s time to take a step forward

” When it’s time to take a step into the next stage of your life some us know exactly what we should dedicate our energy to and how to do it. Others know their strengths and weaknesses and know how to use them to their advantage. And some of us wish there was this magic source that would tell us exactly what to do, how and why. This was the secret wish of mine when it was time to revamp, restart and revive. After a period of time in my life aimlessly hoping that something would ‘come up’ and realizing that stagnating is becoming a permanent state, I met Charlotte Billington, one of the founders, who’s insight and gentle guidance turned out to be the key. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the journey of self-exploration “What to do next?” took me on. I say surprisingly because I am a big sceptic of self-digging. “Do now, sort later” – is a life motto that worked well for me during my past career but failed to produce a new one. In this case, a bit of self-reflection through short and meaningful exercises was exactly what was needed to reenergize and re-establish lives’ goals and come up with a plan I am content with. I feel the Transition peak got the formula right on helping individuals like me to find that second career.”

Olga - Returner

A wonderful resource during a difficult time!

I would absolutely recommend Transition Peak to anyone who is looking to make the next step in their career. Whether they lost their job due to lay-offs, looking to make a transition to a new career or simply looking for the next challenging opportunity, Transition Peak suits all cases. I personally had lost my job and the modules at Transition Peak helped guide me through this difficult and often emotionally-charged process. It helped me remain grounded by providing a step by step approach to my job search. The system has 8 different modules that cover different aspects of the process from preparing yourself mentally, to utilizing your network and preparing for a killer interview among other things. It strikes the right balance between being comprehensive without the need for excessive research (who has time to read a book about networking or changing careers when you need to take action and look for work!). The modules have helpful outlines that one can easily go back to for reference. And the great thing is that there is an option to purchase the full package or just specific modules, so one can tailor the program to their own needs. The guidance that Transition Peak provides made me feel like I can take control of finding the next step in my career. I totally recommend it!!

Sireen - Financial Services

Just what I needed

“Helped me in transitioning between jobs while moving to a new city. Just what I needed at such a stressful time for me and my family. It felt like having my own personal coach walk me through the whole process, without too much pressure. You are still in control, but constantly have that little push, reminding you you can do this.”

Dareen- Education