“I feel much more confident as a candidate now” Learn how we’re supporting new professionals through our Transition Program.

Young professionals working


It seems that there are fewer vacancies and increased competition for young professionals. Assistance and extra guidance at the stage have never been so important. Here are some of the questions that the Transition Peak www.transitionpeak.com online modules can help with and will make all the difference:

1. What should I do career-wise? I am not sure what to do next in my career?
2. How do I ensure my CV stands out?
3. How can I use LinkedIn to my advantage?
4. How can I stand out in the interview?
5. What can I do to enhance and speed up my career transition?

It is natural to worry in unsettled times, but the Transition Peak online Modules are here to help and to provide guidance, advice, and tips to ensure that doors open.

Case study for a young professional

Age: 20-25; Profession: Law; Years of experience: 3


Sam H, a law graduate with 3 years of experience, was looking for extra support with his CV and cover letter. He was struggling to get interviews at his top choice law firms. His main issue was the ability to provide examples that supported his application. Sam was not keen on hiring a coach and wanted an immediate answer to his CV related questions. Sam did not want to miss out on any chance of being selected for an interview at his top workplace.


Sam signed up for Transition Peak Module 3 – CV advice and module 4 – Cover letter advice. The cost of the modules was £65 each. By the end of week 1, Sam was able to watch the module videos, read the associated documents, checklists and finally create his CV and cover letters based on the key points in the modules.


By the end of month 1, we followed up with Sam and learned that he was invited for an interview with one of his top choice companies. Recruiters take an average of six seconds to scan a resume. It is believed that a CV that does not reflect professional and personal skills the right way can hurt as much as one year of unemployment.

Transition Peak helps corporations by looking after their departing staff. We also help individuals who have decided to change careers or have decided to increase their chances of finding a new role quicker. Training material can be bought as a package or as individual modules. Learn more about our team here. For the latest career advice Sign up for our newsletter here. Connect on LinkedIn here.

Transition Peak has also collaborated with a recruitment company VWA who can assist with the job search. 

For any questions or a conversation about outplacement support, please get in touch – we would love to chat with you about your needs.