How values can help us all

how values can help us all

Lockdown life has driven many of us to assess our values, and the past month’s news certainly put those of our government and their advisers under the spotlight. Regardless of where you sit on the political debate, taking a look at your own values is a very useful exercise as you navigate these unprecedented times.

The reality is, we will all be experiencing something very different to the norm, whether we are MPs, NHS workers or school children. Identifying your values and aligning your everyday life closely to these can help anchor you when everything feels out of control. Your values are critical when deciding the future you want for yourself, both at home and at work. If you or someone you manage is being made redundant or retiring, taking a look at your values before considering your next career move is especially invaluable.

What are values?

A value is the worth, importance or usefulness you regard for something, they are the principles and standards of behaviour that you judge to be important in your life. They are individual to each person and can usually be expressed by single abstract words.

One of the exercises in our self-analysis module ‘What to do next?‘ takes a look at values. Read through the extract below and work through the guided questions to ask yourself about your values. Once you’ve completed the exercise, ask yourself:

  • How can you align what you are doing everyday to your values?
  • For each value – how can I add more of this value into my every day life?
  • Can you add additional tasks to your to do’s or put in some boundaries?
  • Can you communicate to others what you need?
  • Can you keep a diary of those things that have led to you feeling happy, relaxed or energised and identify those that have made you feel angry, anxious or depleted? Can you relate some of them back to your values?
  • Finally, separate to this can you make a list of five things that make you happy during lockdown – can your family members do the same?

Everyone is different and will be experiencing their own unique journey. I hope that sharing some of my tips and techniques may provide some assistance along the way. Let us know what you come up with from this exercise or any other module in our programmes – we’d love to hear from you. If you or your organisation would like a full demonstration of the career transition modules we can offer, please get in touch and we would be glad to discuss your needs.

values exercise part one
values exercise part two